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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 25, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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new this morning, the first lady comes to the bay area. where she will make an appearance and who she is supportings. >> it's been a wild and wet weekend with widespread power outages. we will talk about who is impacted this morning. that story still ahead today in the east bay. >> are good morning. it is 4:30, monday, october
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25th, 2010. rob is here with a first look at the weather. causing all kinds of problems. >> a wild weekend especially in the east bay. we are still dealing with problems with the weekend storm. the wind backed off. 54 here in livermore and the rain for the most part moved on except for the morning commute. you may run into a stray shower. most of the action has moved on with chain controls along interstate 80. if you are heading up to the high country later today, beyond the east bay, temperatures in the 60s and partial clearing. jacket weather for sure with the highs in the warmest places in the mid 60s as you head to the east bay hills. low 60s for pleasant hill and walnut creek. we dry out, but more rain is lurking in the forecast. the full look in a few minutes.
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>> bad weather being blamed for leaving thousands without power. christie smith is live in oakland with how things are shaping up. doesn't look like it's raining now. >> reporter: no, thank goodness. except for the wet streets, there few signs of how bad it was. the street lites are out along broadway. this had a big impact on oakland and the east bay for hours at the bart station t. took six hours for the power to come back on. the bart station was affected too. the train was unable to stop at those stations. they had to operate on a generator for a time and the oakland police department host power for hours as the street was dark. many signals were not working. pg&e saying about 15,000 customers lost power. the last word we had this
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morning, everyone has been restored and all power back on. pg&e blamed equipment failure on the wind and the rain. >> i never had an experience like this before. never. especially with the whole city just about going out. >> in the north bay, it was up to 55 miles an hour. an oak tree crashed on to a home and no one was hurt. the rain came as quite a blow to grape growers in wine country. they are racing to complete the harvest before the mold sets in and another storm hits. that's the latest from here live in oakland, today in the east bay. >> thank you. if christie said pg&e is back to normal, what does it mean for bart and those trains? >> we will look at the maps. we will show you what we are talking about. pg&e is reporting no problems
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now. the power is going right now as far as the systems go. not all of the stations, the west oakland station is open and we will see if there any problems. the roadways are reported smooth, but as more folks hit the roads, we will hear more about the trees down and things like this. i will point it out. folks are moved over towards la honda. it has been reported earlier about 1:00 in the morning. that will be an issue and we will track it. back to you. >> new this morning, first lady michelle obama will raise money for democratic candidates at a fund-raiser for congressional candidates at the fairmont in san francisco. she will join nancy pelosi in showing support. her trip comes a few days after
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her husband's visit to the bay area and also to fund-raise. it's her second trip to the bay area since president obama took office. >> could bart trains reach the pacific ocean? a new line extending all the way to ocean beach would meet the demands of rich moend residents underserved by public transit. james fang said a bart line through richmond could attract federal support. his plans call for an underground route with stops in the western addition. 25th and 40th avenues and eventually ocean beach. 20,000 people would use the extension every day. police are investigating a drive-by shooting in north richmond that injured two teens. a 13 briere old was shot and a
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14-year-old shot in the hand. they were walking near south eighth street and florida when the suspects opened fire on the teenagers. they are expected to be okay. robbers in walnut creek had help from craigslist. a man setting up a meeting with a woman selling a necklace. they met on the corner of north maine and duncan after they handed the necklace over and it was driven by another woman. a good samaritan tried to stop the car. they ran away and eventually the pair got into a 2001 dark gray mustang and fled the area. the mustang turned out to be stolen. they are asking you to call them with information. a teen girl is hospitalized in critical condition after a firer to through an apartment in hayward. it broke out near the california state university east bay campus. in one apartment a father and his 8-year-old daughter escaped
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without injuries, but his 16-year-old daughter suffered burps and smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire is not yet determined. the start of a transformation of an oakland hospital nearly 10 years in the making. the medical center will break ground on the new 11-story building at 11:00 this morning. it will include patient rooms and an emergency department and more parking. sutter health is funding the project. it will be completed in 2014. >> all of a sudden the raiders are the talk of the town. the silver and black scored two touch downs eight second apart with the broncos yesterday. mcfadden had his best game ever, scoring four touchdowns to tie a team record for the most in a game and scored 59 points, the most they ever score. they beat the broncos 59-14.
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the raiders record is 3-4 and they will be at home to play the seahawks. >> the giants not waste anything time and they will be back for a work out today. hundreds of fans braved the rain and the wind and lined up to welcome the national league champs back from philadelphia over the weekend. players say they are overwhelmed by the out pouring of support. games one and two of the world series will be in san francisco and the giants move on to texas and the rangers at home there. as fever builds, so does the price of admission. we checked stub hub and the cheapest seat available $440. the view reserve tickets will be $556 and bleacher seats 610. lower level seats $650 and if
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you are a fan, you can get club level 60s for $1650. i don't think they mean $16.50. >> rob is checking on that, but i don't think that's what they meant either. crowded on saturday as i got into the event. i had to give updates and happy that the giants won in the process of getting out of the city was an issue. people were celebrating. light volume of traffic and getting into the city or out. a clear view, but wet roads persist. heading over the sierra and icy roads. keep that in mind. no major issues. the slow down shows about 55 for the folks, but few folks are driving right now. not a problem throughout east bay or south bay. the south bay has reports of
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flooding throughout 281 and spots on highway 87. more of those supports as more folks hit the road. the map will be filled with flooding and downed trees. now it's time for rob. a strange weekend. the north bay got drenched and the south bay some mist. >> some places in the hills around los gatos it was coming down in buckets, but not around san jose. we had almost five inches of rain. it's chilly. 40s and 50s outside, but the rain moved on. the winds backed off so any do you understand branches, most of that from the rain that fell yesterday. one cell that passed through in the last hour or so, things are starting to dry out behind the cold front. the sar somewhat unsettled moving through the bay area. we may see a stray shower or two, but the rain event moved o. high today will be cool.
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mid 80s around livermore and highs in the low 60s around richmond and oakland and concord and fairfield. high in the mid 60s. between now and wednesday, game one of the world series looks fine. thursday might be an issue. the next round starting midday thursday. >> coming up, a breakthrough in the fight against the flu. the scientific developments that could make the flu a thing of the past. >> per we will look at the retail giant's latest offering. we take a dark look at 880.
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. it's 4:44 as we take a live look at the bay bridge. keeping your family safe, the company foremost food international is recallingtome brands. the foods baby squid, shrimp fry, all of which are sold in plastic bags. the bacteria includes dizziness and double vision. you can find more information at
4:45 am shoppers have a grand opening of an 18,000 square foot walgreens. the general manager said $140,000 in free health screenings will be given away and a bunch of other giveaways as well. the store hopes at 10:00 and ribbon cutting at 1:00. parents can bring little one to forest home park to sing songs and do halloween stuff. you need to register by calling the san ramon community center. it costs $5 for people living in san ramon. the park is on san ramon valley boulevard in san ramon. >> we will talk about 680 san ramon area. wet, putsdy and dangerous. >> folks at the pumpkin patch, wear shoes that can handle the
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mud. the rain is easing off, but as we talked about after the rain hits, in the morning when we hear the reports, we will hear about trees down and surface street flding. i will update you, but san ramon interchange with a nice drive. a pleasant flow to the maze and across the bayview. the san mateo bridge and president bush with the tail lights, you can see the highlights. very clear right now. rain tends to clear out the sky. >> let's turn to weather. we were talking earlier. wednesday and thursday, wednesday looks great. thursday not so much. we stay in san francisco mow matter what. if it rains and rains and rains, game three is in san francisco. >> the home field advantage for game one. game two and if you need six and seven, we come back to the bay area. if we have a week's worth of rain, game two could be delayed
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up to a week. i don't think we will see that much rain, but changes come thursday. some areas of drizzle. you will find that for the morning commute. highs in the 60s. most of the rain moved on. you will see a few sprinkles into fremont, but most of the rain to the east and snow flying around this morning. temperatures around the east bay. livermore and dublin and temperatures around the inner bay are cool and breezy at times, but not as windy as over the weekend. 64 in san ramoramon. thursday, student. it looks like we could see rain delaying game two. that will stay in san francisco and for the weekend, halloween will be ghostly cloudy. morning showers and things clearing out bite evening. new this morning and news for your bol line, the mortgage mess getting messier.
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let's go to courtney reagan live at headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott. futures are higher. stocks helped by a weaker dollar. g20 finance minsters promise to avoid a currency war. if we saw one, it could derail economic recovery. lots of dita this week topped by friday's hospital. the big headliner today is september existing home sales. more than a 30 of the s&p 500 will report result this is week. they fell 14 points that means trading begins at 11132. the nasdaq rose to 2479. bank of america found mistakes in foreclosure do you means in a review in 23 states. the "wall street journal" said the bank found errors in 10 to 25 of the first several hundred documents. improper paperwork, missing files and cases where the
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payment history didn't match. bank of america has not found evidence that the foreclosures shouldn't have gone through. back to you. >> thank you much. wal-mart jumping into the ereader retail war. the giant started selling barnes and noble's nook in 2500 stores. it will sell the nook on the website later this month. >> more book shoppers are moving to digital readers. they predict a good holiday season. it's between $199 and $149. more security at anticipates. about 300 full body scanners have been installed at 61 airports and the tsa hopes to have 450 installed by the end of the year. you aren't required to go through this machine. you can choose a pat down instead, but the pat down will take longer than the 30-second
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body scan. the pace of the economic recovery is slowing. the forecasters are lowering expectations. they say the economy will grow, but they are more cautious. more than half surveyed expect growth of more than 2% this year. the national association for business expect fewer firms expect a drop in employment through attrition or layoffs. president obama is making the rounds as the last full week of the mid-term campaign gets under way. later this morning the travel will travel to rhode island and raise cash for democrats. the president told a crowd in minneapolis not to lose heart. democrat efforts are making a difference in the economy and the nation. the seem treatments will coming to n providence. >> republicans feeling confident. an amazing turn around. tracie potts has a look at what you can expect to hear. >> we won that race.
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>> alaska's tea party candidate won the republican nomination for senate, but is apologizing for misusing government computers. >> it was a mistake i made. a received a dock of three days' pay and i learned from that. >> your statement demonstrates the lack of fitness for the office. >> that senator lisa ma cow ski is trying to go for a write in against miller and a local alaska mayor. >> time represent everyday alaskans. >> in florida, another three-way race. the biggest issue is how to create jobs. >> you need to cut taxes. >> i want the middle class. >> the two-pronged approach of fiscal constraint. >> polls predict republican wins, a possible house take over and gains in the senate. >> if this wave continues trk has been over the last few weeks
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especially, you can see the senate as well. >> democrats insist the tide is turning. >> what democrats specialize in is the turn out and the ground game. the more people turn out, the better we do. >> tracie potts, today in the bay. >> let's take a look at what's ahead and we say hello to brent. >> i will follow-through with what tracy was hospitaling on. democrats are trying to skem the wave and california is the so-called fire wall. coming up, we will look at the latest poll numbers in the race for governor and the senate that would be key. a report on germs in your child's school. where they are most lick le to pick up coals and flu. we will have those stories and a look at what's next for the world series on jins in a few minutes. >> you mentioned flu. there is no cure, but there might be. researchers at brigham young yesterday in utah are working on
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a drug that can stop the flu by blocking a specific protein. it means the virus won't be able to reproduce. the findings will be published in the journal of science. today in the east bay's christie smith is live in oakland with what people are dealing with. >> reporter: good morning. you can call this the calm after the storm. the nasty weekend we had knocked out power to parts of the east bay including here at the city center bart station. i ran down and spoke with the agent. she has good news and said fran trains are rolling and said they are on time. i saw trains rolling eastbound towards the richmond area. that's good news after a long and dark weekend at 12th street bart station. power was out for at least six hours. trains were able to run
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throughout stations and couldn't stop. the oakland fire department station 1 had to operate on a generator for several hours. oakland police department which is along broadway was dark for several hours too along very busy broadway. >> we tried to get a ride and we are finally going. i don't want to walk down the street with no light. >> reporter: the good news is all the lights are back on along broadway. they blame it on the wind and the rain. it caused the equipment failure at the height of all this. they are saying 15,000 customers in oakland were without power. we did speak with them this morning and they tell us everyone's power has been restored. reporting live in oakland, christie smith today in the east bay. >> i got nothing but respect for the line men with pg&e.
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when we are running inside, are out to work. >> that's a pretty tough job. yesterday we had wind gusts at around 30 or 40 miles per hour. this morning not so much in the way of wind or rain. you can see 40s and 50s right now. winds in terms of the strongest winds towards fairfield. not a lot happening around the inland valleys. when we get a lot of rain and the winds go calm, we sometimes see patchy fog forming. you may see misty skies and the patches are fog. the main rain event has moved on. we will see clearing and kind of a cool day in the 60s and between now and wednesday morning, looks like the only concern will be the patchy fog. cool start and the next chance of rain will arrive midday on thursday. the rain for this this morning around fremont into san jose. we did have showers moving off to the south and east and a few
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there around highway 101. it's coming down in the sierra. chain controls along interstate 80 and reports of a jack knifed big rig on interstate 80. it is a mess. if you travel to the high country, wait until later when the moisture heads off to the east. we are in between weather systems now. unsettled air that will move through for the 50 half of the day. a chance of widely scattered and hill top showers with highs only in the low to mid 60s. clearing into the afternoon, but the trend now through mid-week will be drier. thursday with a little more rain and more showers off and on throughout weekend. >> thank you. a flight flick scared up big bucks at the box office this weekend.
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paranormal activity 2 got the number one spot. last week's number one, jackass 3d fell to second place earning almost $2 million and red fell to $15 million. a bay area city is punishing bank of america. what city that is and what they are doing next. decision 2010 with eight days until the election. a new poll indicate who is could be the next person running the state and back in the bay, the jips back at home and they have a lot of work as they prepare for the world series. we will take a look at what's in store. ê
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i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp.
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